It WORKS because we have eliminated all the typical hurdles customers must negotiate with other systems.
They love the fact that they just point and click to enroll, stamp or claim.
Merchants love it because it requires no personnel or time away from running the business. 

The Key is a Properly Implemented program.

Customers won't download an app and they won't continually type their phone number into a KIOSK.

They WILL point and click, and they even tell others.


Multiple Types of Systems
Our customization is what sets us apart.
What if you put links on your pumps to get them in the store.
Rarely will they take just One item.

What about the Competition?

We invite you to compare our system to anything out there.
You won't find as good a product.
You won't find a better price.
And you won't find anything that does all we do.

What do Rewards Systems usually cost?

A custom built rewards system typically runs from $100 to $250 per Hour to develop, and that doesn't include integrating with your P.O.S.
Do your own research, a complete system that you have designed and customized to your business will easily set you back from $150,000 to as much as $400,000, plus at least $10,000 per month to have an agency run it. You could hire an extra person to run it but there would still be the fees of at least $3,000 a month for maintenance of the software.

Several of the P.O.S. systems available have limited built-in solutions but they require you to own their P.O.S. Hardware. They typically have an outside firm that has built a basic cookie-cutter system with very limited customization and they all have a lot of manual steps to make it function properly. Organizations rarely stay on the program because of all the steps required by business employees to run it, not to mention the training involved to make it properly function. When there is employee turnover this becomes a real problem.

The SaaS (Software as a Service) systems are all cookie cutter, template based systems with very limited customization, and even they run from between $100 to $500 per month. There is usually a hefty set-up fee, typically north of $300 and then the expensive monthly fee. And each time you need to change or add features it's typically another $100 minimum on top of the monthly fee.

One of the cheapest ones out there is $120/mo for full function and no gift card system. There is no automation and an employee must STAMP the users phone each time, requiring their special little stamp which always tends to get misplaced in a busy facility. In addition, an employee must redeem the awards making the whole process rather cumbersome. The R.O.I. is not that great once you figure in the extra time involved with an employee to oversee the program.

None of these have the customization of TouchlessLoyalty™, nor the Gift Card add-on, and NONE even approach our pricing. 

No Money Down

We are so confident you will Love it we'll let you hold off on payment.
Try it for 30 days. If you like it, keep it and pay for the month and the set-up.
Thereafter, for each month, payment is due at the end of the month.
Quit at any time.
Annual Price = Pay for 11 months, get one month free.

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Basic Plan
  • 1 Custom Loyalty Program
  • $25 One Time Set-up Fee
  • $4 for Each Change
  • Add $20/mo. for Gift Card System
  • Email Support
Business Plan
  • 3 Individual Loyalty Programs
  • $25 Total One Time Set-up Fee.
  • $2 for Each Change
  • Add $20/mo. for Each Gift Card System
  • Email Support
Premium Plan
  • 5 Individual Loyalty Programs
  • Attl. at $60/mo. ea.
  • No Set-up or Change Fees
  • At 10 or more Loyalty Programs each at $50/mo.
  • 1 Power Introduction video
    Email & Phone Support.

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