A Groundbreaking Cloud SmarterApp that runs your Loyalty Rewards and Gift Card program Hands-Free while it does All the Work.

If you are going to do it,

Like in anything, there will always be a cheaper alternative. Perhaps you have even tried one of them. How did that work out?

  • To truly be successful you need a system customized to YOUR business.
  • If you have too many hoops for the consumer to jump through, you will fail.
  • If you don't include variety in your system your long term results will suffer.

Let's look at Why Traditional Loyalty Programs Fail.

Then below this video, check out some of our Exclusive Features.

With Traditional programs the results are pretty predictable.

We create a Customized Rewards offer for you.

Fully customized to your business. For instance, buy 12 donuts and get the next 1/2 dozen donuts for free.

Assign loyalty points a customer will get buying a product at the store and how many points each reward is worth. We can even customize the reward image with beautiful templates to showcase your mobile rewards membership and more.

We generate the QRgo™ Smart Code.

This code, unique to your program, is unique to your store, or we can even made different codes for different stores if you want to have separate for each store. 
The smart code can be embedded in websites or printed out to put in the physical store location.

Individual Tracking

When customers hold their phone up to the QR code, the system will automatically capture their email, create their loyalty membership, and assign/track their rewards points. In some cases it will ask them to enter their email.

They Stay in the Loop

Clients can then view the rewards points they have accumulated by shopping at the client's store and see how close they are to achieving a reward in their cloud-based mobile membership. This encourages them to come back more to get their rewards.


Customer Buys a Sub from Inside a Store or Online.
They Get Points and See How Many Points They Need for a Reward Like a Free Sub.
TouchlessLoyalty™ lets them know when they've earned a reward, either online on on their mobile.

Who can use a Loyalty System?

Literally Thousands of business. Below are just a few.

Self-Employed or Small Firms

Architects, Accounts, Handyman, etc.


Training, Swimming Pools, Cross-Fit, Fitness Gym, Biking Club, etc.


Fine-Dining, Fast Food, Bars, Oriental, etc.


Medial Services, Dentists, Doctors, Chiropractors, Physical Therapy, etc.


Body & Paint Shop, Mechanics, Dealer Repair Shops, etc.

Pet Shops

Vets, Pet Toys, Pet Shops, Groomers, Boarding, Training, etc.

Coffee Shops

Coffee, Pastry Places. Small Cafes, etc.

Local Bands

Artists, Sinfers, Local Bands.

Great for any

Outdoor businesses have an issue. They typically can't do Loyalty programs because of the hardware issue, which would be damaged due to the elements. And asking customers to call up a website and enter information, like a phone number, simply doesn't work.
What if you could simply place an Element Protected code next to their pay station. You just attach it with clear tape and if it ever gets eroded, merely replace it.
Think about the possibilities:
Golf Courses on the Driving Range.
The wet environment of a Car Wash.
A Swimming Pool.

The uses are now unlimited.

And then there are the

Online Business


We are Changing the Game.

One area that hasn't done much with Loyalty Programs or Gift cards is the Online Business Industry.

There are 7.9 million online stores that could use loyalty programs or gift card systems. The reason they haven't is many of them are small stores trying to make a living and these programs are priced out of their reach.

Also, their business ranges all over the board and the crop of programs out there just didn't fit what they do.

But all that changes with TouchlessLoyalty™ because of our Price Points and Extreme Customization.

ANY type of buisness can use a Rewards system!

Affiliate Marketers

Put the QR code on your bonus page to reward customers who buy through your link & encourage them to keep buying. Affiliate marketing is competitive today & TouchlessLoyalty™ ensures they don't leave for another affiliate.

eCommerce & Amazon

Use TouchlessLoyalty™ in your eCommerce or Amazon based stores.
Again, this is possible because of the extreme customization.

Info Marketers

Reward frequent buyers with extra downloads, PDFs, or access to courses & training who continually buy your information products.

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