"There is very little you can do in your business that will have a more positive effect on the bottom line than a well structured Loyalty System!"

Gartner Research

"Acquiring a New Customer costs Five Times More than keeping an Existing One."

Lee Resources

"80% of the Future Revenue for a business will come from 20% of it's Existing Customers."

Bain & Co. Research

"A Mere 5% Increase in Customer Retention can lead to a 75% Increase in Profitability!"


"It's not just how many customers you have but how Few you have and how much Repeat Business you get from them."

Loyalty is CRITICAL to your business.

ORACLE makes the case.

"Clearly Customer Retention should be at the TOP of your Mind from Day One of your Business."

It's a Set and Forget system with A.I. Technology that runs on Auto-Pilot.
You have Total Control over everything.

We make it Easy for your customers to join.

Customers no longer want punch cards, Kiosks or Apps. 
Texting doesn't work either because of some new laws now in effect.

What if a customer could just point and click, and they were in the program?
What if it kept track of every merchant, individually, right on their Smart Phone?
What if customers just pointed and clicked to get a stamp or claim a reward?
What if there was a Re-Targeting system built in to bring them back more often?

What if it included an analytics system so you could see how things are going?

Here's a Summary

You can set up your system to run on Auto-Pilot.

We use our QRgo™ system to activate. Customers just point, click, fill in some basic information so the system can identify them, and they are in.
Then each time they come back they just point again to get a Stamp, Award, or whatever you have set.
It can be customized to your business and there are several different types of awards.
You set the award, qualifications for the award, the timing, etc.
It's true Set and Forget technology.

No Punch Cards - No Kiosks - No Texting - No Searching for Apps - No Hassle.

We will even create a custom "Join our V.I.P. system" brochure for you with you own, unique QR Code they use to immediately join Your System.
You would just print it off and display.

Put it On Auto-Pilot

No Kiosks, Texting, Cards, Tablets or Apps required.

Customers love the fact that they can Self Enroll.
Then, they can also Self Check for a Stamp or Reward.
When they come back and check-in on their own, it immediately recognizes them, no matter if they are in your business or a business down the street with their own system. a different system. Our QRgo™ link does all the work.

It's so convenient they tell their friends.

This is Viral Marketing at it's best.
And that's something that is Priceless.

Does it work?

Customers LOVE it.

Everything in One Place.
Works with Every Merchant.
Keeps track automatically.
Can run on Auto-Pilot.
Customers Join on their own.
They can Reward Themselves.

The ONLY system they need.

Domino's Commercial

Have you seen their commercial? We've been doing this for over a year, but we do a lot more than just notify.

Theirs only works with Domino's and you need their app. We can work with any merchant, even Domino's if that franchise becomes involved.

We also have something else to offer. Ever wanted to get your own system to add Delivery or Curbside Pickup, or do you have one but it's costing you a small fortune?

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