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A.I. Rewards Program Technology

TouchlessLoyalty™ creates loyalty rewards programs with smart QR codes. When a customer scans their phone over the QR code, it will capture their email, set up their membership, and track their loyalty points earned. Customers can then view their points and rewards inside their mobile rewards dashboard.

Gift Card System Generator

We give you access to gift cards from tons of beautiful templates with different price points.
Local or online businesses can sell and use these in their store - payment processor integration included.

How about Multiple Rewards per Store?

What if you had rewards for specific products in your store? For example, get 20 points and redeem for a free coffee, get 30 points and redeem for a free lunch at our store, etc.

Beautiful Rewards Templates

Showcase your rewards the customer can see online or in their mobile rewards membership with custom rewards tailored only to you. 
TouchlessLoyalty™ comes with gorgeous rewards templates that are fully customizable, including colors, images, logos, and more.

Amazing Gift Card Templates

Create gift cards from tons of already DFY templates. These are 'point-n-click' easy to edit and allow for different images, logos, text, fonts, and more.

Advanced Loyalty Program Customization

Set specific points to redeem each reward, cookie technology that limits the number of points which are accumulated in a specific time frame, which items generate more reward points than others, and much more.

Gift Card Tier Customization Ability

Create different levels or ‘tiers’ of gift cards available for sale like a $25 card, a $50 card, or even a $100 card, just like the big brands do.

Sell Gift Card with Payment Processor Integration

We allow you to sell your gift cards through Razorpay, PayPal, or Stripe, which you fully manage and control..

Auto Cloud-based Mobile Rewards Membership Creation

Customers can view the points they've accumulated, the rewards they are eligible to get and redeem rewards all through their phone. By scanning the store's smart QR code, TouchlessLoyalty™ creates a custom rewards cloud-based mobile membership that tracks their points for them.

And there is even MORE

Customer Tracking Dashboard

Keep track of all your customers and see how many points they have and which rewards they qualify for automatically. When a customer asks to redeem their reward, you can just let it happen or even double-check in the dashboard to make sure they are eligible.

Email Marketing Integration

Capture email addresses of customers and send them to the autoresponder of your choice. TouchlessLoyalty™ integrates with the most popular autoresponders out there. Plus, customize the emails customers will receive when they redeem rewards, redeem gift cards, sign up for their membership, and more.

Re-targeting Feature

Studies show that when you reach out to someone who hasn't been in for awhile and give them a little nudge, their cart size upon returning increases up to 400% over what they normally spend.

Advanced Analytics

See how well your loyalty programs are doing with advanced rewards programs and gift card analytics. We show you proof that your monthly loyalty programs are working.

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